The Bowling Club - Goxhill Gander

Summer 2024
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The Goxhill Memorial Bowling Club

One of the recreational facilities in the village of Goxhill is its excellent bowling green. A bowling green has been a feature of Goxhill for around 50 years, relocating a number of years ago to its present site in Manor Lane.
We have an excellent reputation in the three leagues in which we compete and currently have several members of the club who play in the County teams - both the men’s and the women’s. Not only do we have competitive players but also “social” bowlers who come along to the green whenever they wish just to enjoy an hour or two bowling for pleasure.

The bowling season commences at the end of April and finishes in September and is open 7 days per week. We are always looking for new members to join us and should you be interested, an application form can be obtained by telephoning the secretary on 01469 530579, when any questions may be answered.

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