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Autumn 2021
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The Short Award 2021
Goxhill’s Community Award, sponsored by the Gander, needs your help!
Most of us like to know our voluntary efforts are worthwhile and appreciated.
Just look at the very distinguished list, on the plaque displayed in the Memorial Hall, to see those recognised for selfless efforts in the past. Surely you know someone who does an amazing amount for the village, such as running a club, organising entertainments, fighting for a cause, raising funds for a charity, volunteering at the library, school, chapel, church etc, helping those in need, to name but a few.
The Short Award is open to any village resident wishing to say “thank you” to a volunteer who makes a difference to our village life.  
Please complete this form below or watch out for nomination papers available with the nomination boxes placed at the Co-op, Library, School, Shawbriggs, Chippie and Scissor Box.
Please place your nomination in the entry box at any of the above locations or online at -
The closing date is - 15th October 2021.  
The award will be judged by the Gander Committee and the winner will be announced in the Winter issue.
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